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With the rise of the VFX and virtual visualisation of the big screen and other entertainment industries, animation courses are a good choice. Entertainment, advertising as well as the IT industry offer amazing job opportunities to candidates who pursue animation courses.

You might have seen movies like Kung Fu Panda, Narnia, Bolt, Ice Age, Monster vs. Aliens and many other films. These movies are an example of a miracle that is called Animation. Today, Animation Courses have a wide scope in the market, and it is an apt field for those who want to create magic and turn their imagination into a reality.

Despite the global economic crisis in recent times, the scope for animation courses has been increasing rapidly. Even though animation courses have emerged late in India, they are witnessing a tremendous growth and the future scope is bright. Every year, thousands of aspirants are pursuing animation courses, and they are being placed in the areas of 2D & 3D Animation.

The scope for animation courses will further increase as various animation giants like Disney are outsourcing the animation works. Therefore, choosing a career in Animation is a good choice. Following are all the details that you need to know about animation courses.

Skills Required for Animation Courses:

  • If you have a thing for creativity, Animation is one of the best career options.

  • Apart from creativity, you need to have a craze towards the field.

  • To become a good Animator, you need to have a good imagination power as well as sketching and drawing skills.

  • An Animator should be able to understand and catch the expressions of not only human beings but also birds, animals, and others.

  • The skill of the animator lies in how he/she presents the character with appropriate expressions.

  • An animator should have exceptional visualization skills as well as a flair for using colours.

  • Dedication, hard work and patience are essential to succeed in the career.

  • Teamwork and communication skills are also required to achieve success.

  • Therefore, if you have all the above skills, Animation is the best career option for you.

    Job Options after Animation Courses