Information Technology and Technical Education Council, Delhi

Information Technology and Technical Education Council, Delhi
Terms, Conditions and Rules for Authorised Training Center
  1. ITT Council, Delhi is Information Technology and Technical Education Council, Delhi.
  2. ATC Means Authorized Training Center.
  3. Take a Receipt of any type of payment given to officer of ITT Council, Delhi.
  4. Any types of fees once paid will not be refunded and transferable under an circumstances.
  5. No any cash transactions, Online Payment through ITT Council Website only.
  6. Any Cash Transactions not response of ITT Council.
  7. Authority to use Brand ITT Council, Delhi in your promotional Activities.
  8. Get structured courses designed by a team of the experts keeping the market demand in mind.
  9. Continuous support and advices from experts relating to good marketing and management techniques.
  10. Support from regional Offices in your state.
  11. ITT Council, Delhi provides soft copy of promotional materials like banners, bags, posters. Etc.
  12. It is the responsibility of ATC to verify the documents of the student and get the admission done.
  13. If any kind of fraud admission is found, action will be taken against ATC.
  14. ATC approval will be cancelled if wrong admission is entered.
  15. ATC is responsible for imparting complete training after admission, ATC cannot close its training center in between.
  16. ATC will have to compensate the students if the training center is closed.
  17. All the responsibility of training the students will be solely of ATC and ITT Council will not have any responsibility of training the students.
  18. Conduction of examination in controlled environment in tune with ITT Council, Delhi norms. Every authorized center have their own responsibility for the fraud admission and there verifications. ITT Council, Delhi are not responsible for any type of fraud admission. ITT Council, Delhi have an authority to cancel the admission of such trident any time.
  19. Exam was conduct online only.
  20. Exam do not conducted time to time charge to penalty and legal Action.
  21. Students Registration and Exam fees paid to Time to time.
  22. Collect Registration and Exam fees from student and take online receipt is every time.
  23. Whatever certificates will be given from the ITT Council will be given only for completing the training.
  24. All Training Certificate issue by the ITT Council is after student training compete.
  25. ATC authorized only for training purpose.
  26. Whatever Certificate will be given from the ITT Council, any degree will not be valid. That would be just the training certificate.
  27. Collected from Student Registration and Exam fees paid to ITT Council, Delhi within 2 working days.
  28. Collect Tuition fees from student and Take receipts on your self receipt book with ATC Rubber Stamp seal.
  29. ITT Council, Delhi not provided computer, material, any type of software, Stationary & teaching Staff. ITT Council, Delhi provided only Study Material and Advertisement material as per ITT Council, Delhi Rules.
  30. ATC’s responsibility to Computer, Computer lab furniture, software, Stationary and teaching staff arrange. No any responsibility to ITT Council, Delhi.
  31. Use ITT Council, Delhi brand name and any type of fraud and misguide to parents and student take legal action for you.
  32. No any support your personal matter and Fraud.
  33. Per year renewal compulsory.
  34. Per year Minimum 50 Short Term courses admission or 25 Diploma courses admission is compulsory.
  35. Two ATC’s Minimum Distance 500 mtrs.
  36. If any other Firm, Company, Origination, Council and Board Affiliation and Training centers of Franchises not allowed after registration with ITT Council, in case you are interested any affiliation and training center of franchises any other firm, company, origination, council and sent to writing application after Grande you application we have issue to No Objection letter.
  37. ITT Council, Delhi Government Registration No. is not use for your visiting card and if any other work without writing permission.
  38. Compulsory fulfil to franchise registration general requirement as per provided the list. You are not fulfill to franchise registration general requirement your registration will be cancelled.
  39. Do not use our Logo and Name your private certificate. If ATC are use our Name or Logo in your private certificate take legal action.
  40. Any type of change of rule, terms and condition reserved to Information Technology and Technical Council, Delhi.
  41. Subject to Chh. Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad), Maharashtra Jurisdiction only.
  42. Any type of dispute whose persons are responsible that time legal matter are created and then IPC Section 199,200 may be applicable.
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I Institute Owner Name occupation business at City Name hereby declare that the information provided is true and correct to the best of my personal knowledge, information and belief and 500 Miters Criteria is Confirm my self Responsibility. I fully understand the consequences of giving false information. If the information is found to be false, I shall be liable for prosecution and punishment under India penal code and /or any other law applicable thereto.